Commercial Insurers’ Transformational Tech Priorities

As the effects of the pandemic continue to play out, Strategy Meets Action (SMA) research indicates that commercial lines insurers are reprioritizing their tech-oriented projects, with some plans continuing to move forward while others have slowed down.

P&C Commercial Insurers Strategic Initiatives

The insurance industry has shifted its priorities in response to changing consumer demands, altered business patterns, and the ongoing workforce revolution. Recent Strategy Meets Action research revealed business drivers pushing commercial insurers’ technology investments forward in 2022.

Insurance Vendors Are Upping the Game in Competition for Talent

Talent has been a front and center topic in boardrooms across the U.S. amid the pandemic, widespread resignations, a labor shortage, and other trends challenging the recruitment and retention of employees. Yet, companies across the insurance ecosystem have adapted remarkably well, including the vendors that serve the industry.

How Personal Lines Insurers are Addressing Digital Transformation Gaps

The personal lines segment is known for leading the charge with innovations and technologies – a reputation that only strengthened during the pandemic. Personal line insurers were poised to meet the new digital needs of customers and employees when other industries struggled to adapt to the virtual era.

It’s Time for P&C Insurers to Reimagine Digital Payments

ReSource Pro Consulting’s recent research report revealed that although there is a strong effort by insurers to provide true digital payment experiences, many continue to operate with outdated processes that don’t meet the needs of today’s consumers.