The Long and Winding Road to Claims Resolution

Today’s claims leaders face a paradox: parts to fix vehicles cost more and are harder to get; building materials to repair damaged homes are also in short supply and rising dramatically in cost. While the time and cost of the claims journey are both increasing, the expectations of customers are running in the opposite direction—people want it faster for less.

Core Systems Are Critical for Enabling Digital Transformation

A research report from ReSource Pro Consulting examines core systems deals completed in 2022 from 18 of the top solution providers in the market today. The research suggest that the core systems buying is consistent, which, along with continued deployments across all segments over the past few years, indicates a strong market.  

How My View of ChatGPT Changed In 90 Days

Only a few months ago, it was easy to tell the difference between human- and AI-generated content; today, the task is far more difficult. Experimentation with the technologies is mandatory. Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines and watch—things are moving too fast for that.

Commercial Lines Distribution: Digital Priorities Diverge

ReSource Pro surveyed agency executives in commercial lines to understand their satisfaction with insurers’ digital sales, servicing offerings and the capabilities they believe insurers should invest in to support their needs, focusing on the small commercial and mid/large commercial segments. 

A Roadmap to Growth for Workers’ Comp Carrier

To achieve long-term growth, a carrier sought to expand into new lines of business and diversify geographically with new products & channels. Throughout this journey, the client needed to maintain a strong balance sheet while delivering a superior customer experience.