Deb Smallwood

Automation Accelerates in Small Commercial Lines Underwriting

Insurers have reexamined their strategies amid new demands as underwriting departments experience waves of changes. Now, new research shows the results of insurers’ efforts in transforming their underwriting businesses, and the small commercial segment is entering a new phase of automation.

How Personal Lines Insurers are Addressing Digital Transformation Gaps

The personal lines segment is known for leading the charge with innovations and technologies – a reputation that only strengthened during the pandemic. Personal line insurers were poised to meet the new digital needs of customers and employees when other industries struggled to adapt to the virtual era.

The Need for Proactive Digital Engagement in Insurance

Today, customer expectations have overwhelmingly shifted to digital. The number of people who want all communications via paper or voice is rapidly dwindling, as the majority of the population uses messaging platforms and social media every day and are adept at all manner of mobile and online interactions.