Powering Technology with Unmatched Expertise

The Digital Dilemma

The desire to invest in digital transformation is high, yet studies show 70% of them fail. How can you move into the digital age with confidence? Leverage ReSource Pro’s expert integration of digital capabilities, analytics, and operations management to maximize the impact of technology on your organization’s efficiency. Failure isn’t an option for you, and we’re here to see that through.

Executives worry that the digital projects they have in the pipeline aren’t working.

Gartner Emerging Risks Report

Shorten the Runway for Tech Initiatives

ReSource Pro takes on the cost and risk of developing new technologies and implementing them into insurance workflows, ensuring you receive all the benefits. Building on our depth of knowledge in the insurance industry, we integrate technology, standardized processes, and data analytics into operational solutions designed to deliver results.

Minimize risk of launching a new technology

Modernize with insurtech innovations

Make smarter decisions with the use of data

Scale profitably with automation solutions

Data Analytics

Analytics help you see what’s working and what’s not. Field-tested and value proven, ReSource Pro’s Analytics Suite pulls data from disparate systems and maps it in easy-to-use dashboards, highlighting millions of dollars in identified revenue opportunities. Easily access and share your insights with our reporting tools. The data you’re already producing holds valuable information—we help you interpret your data into actionable insights.

Policy Insights

Retail and wholesale brokers can gain insights on the drivers of endorsement costs and the exposure each carrier partner is generating from policy errors.

Carrier Insights

This all-in-one platform helps retail brokers track and manage carrier incentives. Users have seen contingency income improve by 40%.

Executive Insights

Designed for all insurance organizations, this dashboard transforms data across multiple systems into meaningful visualizations of your key performance indicators (KPIs) to keep your organization on target.

Integrated Automation

Ernst and Young estimates 30-50% of initial robotic process automation (RPA) projects fail. We won’t let that happen. We’ve automated hundreds of processes, eliminating tens of thousands of hours of manual intervention and increasing our clients’ capacity to engage in revenue-generating activity. Since our founding in 2003, ReSource Pro has built up a library of 19,000 streamlined processes. Now we leverage that library and apply RPA where it has the most impact, using an integrated set of digital capabilities along with people, process, and data.

100+ automation experts specializing in WinAutomation, UiPath, and Decisions Workflow

Tens of thousands of manual insurance processing hours eliminated

80+ insurance organizations currently utilizing ReSource Pro’s automation capabilities

Artificial Intelligence

The promise of artificial intelligence (AI) is being realized in many industries—including insurance. Integrating AI into the domain of insurance can enable smarter, more effective decisions on claims processing, including submission triage, recommendations of lines of coverage to cross-sell to accounts, or even unlocking data trapped in your loss runs and policies. 

Realize the benefits of AI in your organization with a customized solution designed by ReSource Pro’s process and technology experts. Packaged together with RPA, AI can enable your processes to be smarter—all with a human touch.

User Experience

At the end of the day, our work is about the policy holder’s experience. We take pride in finding new ways to create an exceptional insurance experience. To help our clients better service small accounts, we developed white-labeled, guided platforms for insureds to go through the new business and renewal processes in the most frictionless way possible. These smart forms cut down on the time usually spent calling and manually filling out forms. The process is also entirely digital, unlocking the data for analytics.

Innovation Lab

Automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence will shape the future of the insurance industry. Do you know where to start in bringing these new technologies to your organization?

ReSource Pro’s Innovation Lab is where we transform ideas into actionable initiatives to impact your business. We’re pulling together our best people, practices, ideas, technologies, and clients to join us in collaboratively designing the insurance organization of the future.