The Insurance Futurist Shaping the Industry of Tomorrow

Throughout his career, Mark Breading has been known for his tailored advising, growth mindset, and commitment to guiding the next generation of insurance leaders. It comes as no surprise that Consulting Magazine has named him their 2024 Mentor of the Year, and we’re excited to share his thoughts on this recognition and the future of insurance.

Why is AI Governance Important for P&C Insurers?

The artificial intelligence (AI) landscape has changed significantly over the past year, presenting both fresh opportunities and new challenges to the property & casualty insurance industry. As AI continues to evolve, especially through advancements like GenAI, insurance companies must create strong governance frameworks to keep AI use transparent and ethical.

CES 2024: The Tech That’s Revolutionizing Human Security

CES 2024 showcased innovations in human security, featuring wearables for health monitoring, AI-driven gun detection, and AgTech solutions like AirFarm. The intersection of innovation and security poses challenges for insurance, requiring adaptation to the evolving risk landscape.

Digital Payments: An Essential Insurance Experience

Digital payments are crucial in today’s consumer experience. Insurance customers demand diverse payment options. For carriers, it’s not a luxury but a necessity, impacting decisions and retention while cutting costs and fraud. Our report explores evolving digital platforms for an efficient,
paperless future.