The Metaverse: Closer Than You Think or Further Than You Can Imagine?

There are arguments both for and against the near-term emergence and impact of the Metaverse. It is fun to think about how it may dramatically alter human existence in the future, but first, it is important to define what is even meant by the term—and there is no universal agreement on the concept.

The Evolution of Mobility/Transportation: Trends at CES 2023

CES has become one of the biggest auto shows in the world—but rather than focusing on new models and styling, the orientation is toward the most advanced technology capabilities and the user experience. In this blog we discuss the interrelated themes and trends between the auto show and the insurance industry.

CES 2023: Major Themes in Technology

We highlight the five major themes from the CES Las Vegas 2023 that insurance companies should watch for, including some new trends as of this year and ongoing themes from years past.

Business Drivers Shift for Small Commercial Distribution Tech Investments

Small commercial insurers are in a unique position in the insurance industry. While the personal lines segment often pioneers the latest innovations first in the industry, small commercial carriers are frequently at the forefront of change in the commercial market before technologies reach mid/large commercial risks.

Commercial Insurers’ Transformational Tech Plans Amid Economic Turbulence

Commercial lines insurers have endured numerous ups and downs in 2022, leading to further uncertainty about the stability of markets worldwide. Undoubtedly, insurers are planning for events that may disrupt their businesses in the new year, but are these plans shifting how insurers approach innovative transformational technologies?

Are Commercial Insurers Satisfied with Distribution Technologies?

The mid to large commercial lines segment has worked extensively to evolve the distribution ecosystem through new partnerships and expansion strategies. However, according to new ReSource Pro Consulting research, not all solutions meet the expectations of carrier executives today. 

Personal Lines Channel Strategies Break From the Status Quo

Personal lines insurance rarely sticks with the status quo for long. Societal forces, such as the pandemic and inflation, paired with ongoing changes across the industry, are pressing insurers to reevaluate their business priorities, strategies, and investments, including their channel expansion plans for 2023 and beyond.