Mark Breading

Insurtech Innovation: Alive and Well in Israel!

In the midst of academic debates on the global insurtech landscape, one undeniable truth shines through: Israel’s insurtech innovation is thriving, boasting a remarkable ecosystem of 180 vibrant companies. This underscores the enduring vitality of insurtech innovation in Israel; pulsating energy, fostering valuable networking and showcasing the spirit of innovation.

The MGA Market Boom Fuels Channel Distribution Plans

A new ReSource Pro research report examines the channel distribution plans of MGAs in 2023, including their current partnerships, how they expect distribution to change in the next few years, and their strategies to expand various channel partners over the next few years.

The Three ‘As’ of AI in P&C Insurance

There are three ways insurance companies are and can leverage the power of AI: automation, augmentation, and action – the three “As.” However, there remain concerns over the use of AI in insurance, including data privacy concerns, ethical issues, and its ability to ensure fair decision-making.

Megatrends Reshaping P&C Insurance 2035

From the changing behaviors and expectations of the future customer to the shifting global issues around climate and geopolitical risks, the insurance industry will need to adapt to the intensifying challenges in order to keep pace and succeed in the insurance world of 2035. Here are the trends that will shape the industry as we know it.

7 Ways the Insurance Workforce is Evolving

As the talent crisis persists and technology continues to evolve, how are insurance organizations responding, and what are their plans for the future? Research conducted by ReSource Pro this year reveals insight into how the industry is rethinking workforce strategies, roles, and the usage of tech. Here are seven key findings we uncovered.

Should We Trust AI to Make P&C Decisions? 

AI is poised to transform much of our world, and it is wise for insurance professionals to understand developments and dive in to get hands-on experience. However, exactly what role should it play in P&C insurance decisioning? How can we harness AI tools in the right places and adjust the blend of humans and tech over time?

How My View of ChatGPT Changed In 90 Days

Only a few months ago, it was easy to tell the difference between human- and AI-generated content; today, the task is far more difficult. Experimentation with the technologies is mandatory. Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines and watch—things are moving too fast for that.