ReSource Pro Editorial Team

Case Study: Elevating Customer and Employee Experience

Administrative work and data processing are essential to running a business smoothly, but they can also frustrate & bog down employees. Find out how we helped one of the world’s largest insurance brokers move away from these routine tasks & increase their focus on client needs.

Employee Benefits Continue to Evolve

Employers across all industries are rethinking their employee benefits strategies, how the benefits they offer align with the wants of today’s workforce, and how their benefits packages compare to their competitors’. But what’s driving the change and what benefits are being prioritized? 

RPA in Insurance Needs a Human in the Loop

Automation can empower insurance organizations to meet client needs faster and with greater accuracy, as well as free up employees to focus on higher value activities. But there’s a key ingredient that keeps everything rolling smoothly: people. Here are four reasons why a human in the loop is critical.