ReSource Pro Unveils New AI-Driven Policy Checking Service

Announces Policy InsightsTM ExpressCheck; expands AI-driven process automation for agents and brokers.

NEW YORK – MAY 8, 2024 – ReSource Pro, a leading strategic operations partner to insurance organizations, announced the release of Policy InsightsTM ExpressCheck, a new AI-driven solution to streamline and automate policy checking for agents and brokers.

Drawing from two decades of experience in complex policy checking services, ReSource Pro’s ExpressCheck effectively scales the technology that underpins those services and puts it into the hands of account managers in a self-service model.

“This is the next generation of policy checking and analytics. On launch, this service immediately offers time-savings, streamlines workflows, and enhances operational efficiency across the board – it can automatically check the policy against the expiring policy, proposal, or quote, and it seamlessly integrates across any agency management system.” said Brittany Boyer, ReSource Pro’s Vice President of Product.

“Policy Insights has grown into something truly remarkable in the agent and broker space. This was the first product to create actionable intelligence from standardized policy checking, and since its inception, we have built a roadmap for enhancing the service alongside our clients and the market,” said Amber Brethouwer, Senior Vice President of Strategic Accounts at ReSource Pro. “With the addition of ExpressCheck, Policy Insights expands its platform services to process a wide array of policy documents quickly and accurately, rather than a select few forms as can often be the case with policy-checking platforms. The solution provides detailed insights into agents’ portfolios, including error rates categorized by employee, carrier, and line of business.”

This announcement marks the 10-year anniversary of Policy Insights and its full-service AdvanceCheck offering, which has emerged as one of the leading policy-checking solutions in insurance – a testament to ReSource Pro’s client satisfaction in the space.

“Policy Insights has saved us countless hours of manual work and also enhanced our operational efficiency while identifying potential exposures,” said Kristy Lambert, Director of Strategic Agency Solutions at the Horton Group. “The Account Manager Portal is a game-changer for our team, allowing managers to quickly navigate and advise our Resource Pro Team. Whether it’s requesting a change, deciding on action steps, or simply ignoring a task, everything can be managed with a single click. With the Analytics Dashboard, you can pinpoint policy errors, highlight overdue tasks, and see detailed performance data that drives informed decisions and continuous improvement.”

For more information about Policy Insights or to schedule a 1:1 discussion with one of ReSource Pro’s experts regarding ExpressCheck or AdvanceCheck, please visit:

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