Mark Breading

P&C Commercial Insurers Strategic Initiatives

The insurance industry has shifted its priorities in response to changing consumer demands, altered business patterns, and the ongoing workforce revolution. Recent Strategy Meets Action research revealed business drivers pushing commercial insurers’ technology investments forward in 2022.

What are Insurers’ Top Talent Objectives in the Post-Pandemic Era?

The pandemic has altered life in so many ways over the past two years. One change that will likely stick around for years to come is the new workforce dynamic. While talent challenges are nothing new to the insurance industry, new research shows that insurers are prioritizing talent strategies now more than ever before.

How P&C Insurers Can Assess Their Digital Maturity

There are as many paths to digital transformation as there are insurers. Each is unique based on the product mix, distribution strategy, culture, and state of the company’s systems and data. However, Strategy Meets Action (SMA) has developed a framework for assessing digital capabilities that insurers are using successfully.

P&C Insurers’ Distribution Plans Are Evolving

New research by ReSource Pro Consulting has found that while familiar distribution trends continue, carriers are also beginning to experiment more with new strategies, such as expanding partnerships with affinity groups. In this article, we’ll share some of our key findings.