Many see embedded insurance as a disruptor – is it?

Today, ReSource Pro Insights, our research practice, announces a big milestone: the release of our 300th published research report, “Embedded Insurance: Disruptor or Distraction?” This research examines the future of embedded insurance, offering valuable insights into a concept that has recently gained significant traction across the insurance industry. From warranties to travel insurance, embedded insurance has been around for decades, but its potential impact is now being widely recognized. Read the press release here.

As part of our longstanding commitment to exploring critical topics within the insurance sector, this report joins a series of in-depth analyses covering AI, insurtech, distribution, underwriting, talent, and more. To celebrate report number 300, we are excited to offer this research free of charge (a $1,995 value), providing industry professionals with an essential perspective on the potential use of embedded insurance.

In recent years this topic has surged in popularity within the insurance industry. To put it into perspective, a Google search of the term returns approximately 233 million results.

Why is embedded insurance in the spotlight?

So, why is embedded insurance so popular now? Three factors in today’s marketplace are allowing embedded insurance to thrive.

  1. The unrelenting drive to enhance the customer experience, making it easy to consume insurance.
  2. The advancement of technology makes it possible to integrate the model more easily into products and services, as well as share the data needed to create profits.
  3. A greater desire to find new markets, new customers, and new ways to reach consumers. Some carriers are creating new and specialized products just for this model.

What is embedded insurance?

With all this noise, it’s unsurprising that there are also varying perspectives on what it means. Here at ReSource Pro, we define embedded insurance as:

Insurance purchased in conjunction with a related non-insurance product or service during the same customer experience.

Others in the industry may define it in slightly different terms.

Ultimately, it’s a distribution approach. Providers meet the customer at the point of sale and attach insurance coverage to an underlying purchase.

In a new ReSource Pro Insights research report, we explore:

  • The embedded insurance model, including activity within the industry
  • What the future holds for embedded insurance
  • Applications for both P&C personal and commercial lines

In the report, we work to address whether embedded insurance will actually disrupt the industry – or if it’s just another hot topic area. We conclude that it will fall somewhere in between, but that still leaves room for interpretation. Our report predicts the ways embedded insurance will affect over 30 different lines of business, and the kinds of adoptions and trajectories we might expect regarding industry impact.

Undoubtedly, more and more insurance will be sold through embedded insurance. The big question for the industry is how broad and fast it can go with the concept. Other important questions will be answered over time, such as implications for agents, regulations, and price. Fortunately, there are already successful companies and examples to lead the way, along with tech platforms and the growing awareness of the option.

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