Insurance Innovation: A Look at the Most Profound Changes From the Past 20 Years

Many of the innovations that drive the insurance business today were only figments of the imagination just two decades ago. Advancements in data, analytics, and technology have transformed every aspect of the industry, some more significantly than others.  

For example, 20 years ago, few insurers realized the automation potential in predictive models and external data. Now, the integration of these innovations in everyday processes has evolved insurance into an industry that is digital-first and customer-focused. 

A recent Best’s Review article explores how innovations have impacted the insurance industry today and into the future. Read “In Innovation, It’s Not the Most Obvious Changes That Make the Biggest Impacts” to uncover what leaders at ReSource Pro Consulting, Resilience, ACORD, and Agile Insurance Analytics have to say about the transformative changes insurance has undergone over the past twenty years.  

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