Brenda Grow

Policy Checking: A Vital Step to Mitigate E&O and Improve Service

Checking policies for accuracy and completeness is commonly perceived as an administrative task, with many agencies using policy checking as a training ground for junior and early-career associates. Unfortunately, this scenario is an errors and omissions (E&O) liability claim waiting to happen.

Managing Risks and Opportunities in Certificates of Insurance

Certificates of insurance are more complex than they appear. Agencies may not realize just how much time, effort, and risk responding to those requests and issuing certificates can entail, making it crucial for agencies to manage the risks and opportunities in the certificate process.

How Agencies Can Reduce E&O Risk Across the Policy Lifecycle

Policy checking is an essential part of many insurance agencies’ E&O risk reduction strategy, but there are many other steps agencies can take to ensure accurate policies and satisfied clients. In our latest blog, Brenda Grow, Senior Solutions Specialist, shares best practices for avoiding E&O in five key aspects of the policy lifecycle.

Avoiding Certificate of Insurance E&O: Part 2

In part one, we shared several E&O prevention best practices that agencies can apply prior to binding coverage. In this post, we’ll discuss what agencies can do to protect themselves during certificate issuance.

Avoiding Certificate of Insurance E&O: Part 1

Certificates of insurance are a vital and often urgent deliverable for insurance customers. But for insurance agencies, they can be a stressful interruption and a potential source of errors and omissions (E&O) risk.