KALEIDOSCOPE Podcast EP 08: Distribution in the Independent Agency System

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Mitch Loewen is the Director of Insurance for The Builders Group, the #1 self-insured workers’ comp fund in Minnesota, exclusive to the construction trades.

“The independent agency sales process needs to change and be disrupted. The buyer has changed dramatically, and sales processes have not changed with them. I see some good talent coming into this industry with promise, and its challenging for them to be successful if they do not have a strong track to run on.”  

Today on the Kaleidoscope Podcast:

  • How Mitch entered the industry
  • Gaining familiarity with Self-Insured Groups
  • Benefits of being a SIG member
  • Distribution in the independent agency system
  • Challenges with existing EMR systems

Connect with today’s guest Mitch Loewen

Connect with Kaleidoscope co-host Frank Pennachio

Connect with Kaleidoscope co-host Susan Toussaint

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