Annual Returns: When and What to File

Once a business registers with the Secretary of State’s Office in a domicile or foreign jurisdiction, it needs to keep that information current.
It’s common for various business types to have different filing requirements and deadlines—even within the same jurisdiction.

Governance: What, Why, and How

Governance is a critical part of any business, whether it’s a small startup or a global enterprise. A solid governance structure can have a range of benefits, from attracting investors to ensuring a business stays on course during a crisis, or even helping create strategies for continued growth and resilience.

The Three ‘As’ of AI in P&C Insurance

There are three ways insurance companies are and can leverage the power of AI: automation, augmentation, and action – the three “As.” However, there remain concerns over the use of AI in insurance, including data privacy concerns, ethical issues, and its ability to ensure fair decision-making.

Advancing Technology and Its Effect on the Insurance Workplace

ReSource Pro Consulting’s Mark Breading sat down with a panel of several other industry leaders to talk about the profound impact of new technologies on the insurance workplace. In this blog, we’ll recap Mark’s answers to key questions surrounding technology, including the impact of AI on insurance roles, the risks associated with tech, and more.

Megatrends Reshaping P&C Insurance 2035

From the changing behaviors and expectations of the future customer to the shifting global issues around climate and geopolitical risks, the insurance industry will need to adapt to the intensifying challenges in order to keep pace and succeed in the insurance world of 2035. Here are the trends that will shape the industry as we know it.

7 Ways the Insurance Workforce is Evolving

As the talent crisis persists and technology continues to evolve, how are insurance organizations responding, and what are their plans for the future? Research conducted by ReSource Pro this year reveals insight into how the industry is rethinking workforce strategies, roles, and the usage of tech. Here are seven key findings we uncovered.