The Insurance Futurist Shaping the Industry of Tomorrow

Mark Breading’s career journey has taken him through the fields of technology, management, and strategy. As a leader and influencer, he’s always focused on fostering the personal growth of those around him.

With a remarkable 25-year stint at IBM, Mark’s role evolved from guiding system conversions to leading global strategies and marketing initiatives. Throughout his tenure there, Mark took a hands-on approach to growing the careers of those he worked with. His mentorship helped inspire best-in-class service on global projects involving some of the world’s biggest companies.

At ReSource Pro, Mark is known for his unique ability to tailor advice to everyone, from recent college graduates to industry veterans. He actively engages in mentoring sessions with senior leadership and contributes to continuous learning and growth initiatives across the organization.

Beyond ReSource Pro, Mark’s impact extends to the global stage through his contributions to InsurTech Israel. He’s also mentored for the Global Insurance Accelerator and InsurTech Ohio, as well as over 40 insurtech companies. With such a long background in advising, it’s no surprise that InsurTech News has consistently named Mark to its list of “Top 50 Global Influencers in InsurTech.”

Mark is an exceptional mentor and advisor. He has an inspiring commitment to guiding next-gen insurance leaders, including mentoring his own daughter throughout her 10+ year career in the insurance industry. We’re pleased and proud to share Mark’s recognition by Consulting Magazine as 2024 Mentor of the Year. In this exclusive Q&A, he shares what this acknowledgment means to him, what he envisions for the future of ReSource Pro, and a few of his keys to success.

How can we stay purposeful in this evolving industry?

Mark: You must be passionate about the insurance industry and the people it serves. This industry plays a crucial role in supporting individuals, businesses, and governments – none of them could function as they do without insurance. We should all believe in the common purpose of our industry and recognize the importance of the work we do.

What has been your key to success in bridging technology and insurance?

Mark: The approach can vary – some in the industry focus on a specific domain, developing deep technical expertise. Others, like me, spread our expertise horizontally. I consider all the different functional areas in insurance, and how various technologies interplay to help clients improve their processes and operations.

What are you most excited about regarding the future of ReSource Pro?

Mark: I’m excited about the future prospects for ReSource Pro, particularly in enabling client transformation. We play a pivotal role in guiding clients through the complexities of modernization. Businesses must adapt with bold strategies to thrive in this new era, especially in the insurance sector, where technology is reshaping everything. We understand the value of finding the right blend of technology and human expertise – keeping the human in the loop will be critical for success even as technology advances. Our deep industry knowledge positions us to help clients navigate a rapidly evolving landscape and succeed in their transformative endeavors. What excites me most is that at ReSource Pro, we’re committed to understanding and leveraging technology for our clients’ benefit.

What does being named Mentor of the Year mean to you?

Mark: This award validates my core values and holds great significance for me. Helping others navigate their careers and lives is more than a professional obligation; it motivates me personally. In both professional pursuits and personal growth, I find great fulfillment in guiding individuals through challenging and prosperous times. This award is a recognition that extends beyond just my professional accomplishments.

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