8 Reasons Insurance Organizations Should Partner with ReSource Pro

Insurance has never been simple. In fact, with rising demands from customers, the changing nature of risk, and the need to adopt data analytics and new technologies, it’s becoming more challenging to stand out to customers. Maybe you’ve considered other partners for support in tackling your business objectives, but why should it be ReSource Pro?

1. We only work in insurance.

For more than 15 years, we’ve partnered exclusively with insurance organizations. Whether you’re a broker, wholesaler, MGA, or carrier, we have a proven history of solutions that drive impact, from business process management  to analytics.

2. We invest in technology so you don’t have to.

Instead of pouring money into yet another digital transformation that may fail or be obsolete in a few years, work with a partner that is constantly investing in technology. Leverage our automation and AI to create more streamlined processes and our analytics suite to make the most of your data. We shorten the runway for your digital initiatives while removing the risk for you.

3. We provide real-time, award-winning service.

Our service centers are located across the globe in the US, India, and China. Our service teams work around the clock to ensure your work is done with speed and quality in mind. Start your mornings with an inbox full of completed work, not an increasing backlog. We also have licensed, onshore insurance professionals who can handle customer concerns on your behalf and provide award-winning service.

4. We’re experts in standardization.

We’ve helped organizations reduce their total annual processing time by 12% (see case study), eliminating unnecessary time sinks by implementing company-wide standards. This is especially important for organizations looking to streamline post-M&A. We’ll take a close look at your organization’s operations and customize a solution tailored to your business objectives.

“We’ve been able to transition two staff members from doing admin processes to higher-value work that’s more interesting and satisfying for them” – Dolores Schroyer, Thomas H. Heist Agency, VP of Operations

5. We accelerate performance in both operations and sales.

Growing sales while delivering excellent service is a challenge for many insurance organizations. Thanks to our colleagues at Oceanus Partners, a leading producer training firm and ReSource Pro company, we can help you do both.

“Frank and Susan (of Oceanus Partners) have been an asset to our team in delivering industry best practices and providing solutions to many internal problems we didn’t even know we had. They are a great resource of any firm looking to grow and differentiate.” – Agency CEO, Texas

6. We’ll grow your unprofitable accounts.

Small accounts keeping you busy? Let us turn them into profitable areas for growth. In less than a year, our ExpressIX team helped one broker achieve a revenue retention of 114.63% and another grow its book of business from $800,000 to $1.46 million, all by servicing small accounts.

7. We’re lifelong learners.

At ReSource Pro, we are proud to be process geeks. Since 2013, we’ve invited our partners to attend ReSource Pro Boot Camp, an event dedicated to fostering leadership and operations expertise. Many sessions are led by our in-house Lean process and automation experts, eager to share the latest tools and tips for aligning goals to strategy.

In 2020, we’ve gone digital, offering clients virtual learning sessions and useful resources to help them navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

“I’m a process geek and being with people who are like-minded is really refreshing for me.” – Carol Jenkins, SVP, SullivanCurtisMonroe

8. We’re data-driven.

In today’s world, you can’t afford to ignore the power of data. It isn’t always easy, though. That’s why we’ve developed solutions to provide accurate forecasting, proactive revenue management, and increased transparency for your organization through analytics.

“Policy insights gives us the information and knowledge we need in order to make impactful strategic decisions and changes. With it, I have a more complete view of the drivers into our business performance, productivity and profitability – and that allows us to better address issues and capture opportunities.” – Cindy Wolkiewicz, EVP, Chief Operating Officer, Odell Studner Group

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