Carrier Growth Solutions

Break the Commodity Cycle by Enhancing the Skills and Talents of Your Sales Team and Distribution with Training

Elevate the conversation to unlock growth and profitability

Insurance buyer behavior, trends, and technology are changing at breakneck speed. Are you and your distribution force keeping up?

Become a carrier of first choice within your agency distribution network


Ensure your unique capabilities are known and understood in the marketplace


Win accounts, even when you aren’t the lowest price

"Being able to train 500-600 staff members from a large number of our appointed agencies has helped us grow and build a profitable book of business across all our lines of business."

- Lisa Teel, Assistant Vice President, Agency Operations, Encova



A super-regional carrier looking to expand needed to avoid being spreadsheeted alongside competitors that lacked the same expertise.


Carrier Growth Solutions uncovered key differentiators and developed training to help producers, account managers, and agents communicate them.


With strategy and sales aligned, the carrier was able to successfully make inroads in new markets.

“In a commodity market, you can only be as good as your dumbest competitor.”

- Peter Drucker

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