Improve Submit-to-Quote with Submission Triage

Between high volumes of submissions, a tight talent market, and other industry challenges, it’s easy for underwriting teams to become overwhelmed and overtaxed. To keep underwriters focused and efficient, insurers can develop a standardized approach to clearing and triaging submissions.

4 Market Drivers Impacting Employee Benefits Brokers

From rising customer expectations to talent shortages, today’s employee benefits insurance brokers are being challenged to find new ways to operate more efficiently, increase profitability and elevate the customer experience. Here are some of the trends and factors affecting brokers most today.

How My View of ChatGPT Changed In 90 Days

Only a few months ago, it was easy to tell the difference between human- and AI-generated content; today, the task is far more difficult. Experimentation with the technologies is mandatory. Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines and watch—things are moving too fast for that.

4 Keys to Success for Automation in Insurance Agencies

As more insurance agencies warm to the idea of implementing automation, their next priority should be understanding how to make automation work successfully. To achieve the greatest return on investment, insurance agencies should consider four key steps.

5 Pro Tips for Surplus Lines Compliance

When first starting business in the non-admitted market, the to-do list of compliance tasks can feel intimidating. There are lots of new requirements and procedures to master, and the stakes are high, for both your bottom line and your regulatory reputation. Here are five pro tips for surplus lines compliance.