How Technology Is Shaping the Future of Insurance

In a recent interview with Modern Insurance Magazine, ReSource Pro’s Meredith Barnes-Cook, Consulting Partner, discussed about the impact of technology on the insurance landscape and the evolving expectations of insurance customers. Here’s a recap of her key insights.

S-Election and Business Entity Taxes

In the insurance sector, many businesses opt for C corporations or LLCs. These entities can leverage the Internal Revenue Code’s provision, known as an S-election, to pass income, losses, deductions, and tax credits to individual owners, avoiding double taxation of business income.

Capacity Management is Carriers’ Secret Weapon

Many leaders and carriers rely on qualitative assessments instead of data-driven analysis to gauge productivity and plan their workforce. The alternative is implementing capacity management to accurately assess workload capacity and make informed decisions.

ReSource Pro Welcomes Beth Taylor as SVP, Marketing

ReSource Pro is excited to introduce Beth Taylor as our new Senior Vice President and Global Head of Marketing. With an impressive background spanning over 18 years in global B2B marketing, Beth Taylor brings a wealth of expertise and a track record of numerous marketing accolades in industries including big tech, travel tech, consulting, and finance.

Insurtech Innovation: Alive and Well in Israel!

In the midst of academic debates on the global insurtech landscape, one undeniable truth shines through: Israel’s insurtech innovation is thriving, boasting a remarkable ecosystem of 180 vibrant companies. This underscores the enduring vitality of insurtech innovation in Israel; pulsating energy, fostering valuable networking and showcasing the spirit of innovation.