Policy Checking: A Vital Step to Mitigate E&O and Improve Service

Checking policies for accuracy and completeness is commonly perceived as an administrative task, with many agencies using policy checking as a training ground for junior and early-career associates. Unfortunately, this scenario is an errors and omissions (E&O) liability claim waiting to happen.

Managing Risks and Opportunities in Certificates of Insurance

Certificates of insurance are more complex than they appear. Agencies may not realize just how much time, effort, and risk responding to those requests and issuing certificates can entail, making it crucial for agencies to manage the risks and opportunities in the certificate process.

Hit or Myth: 3 Barriers to Automation in Insurance

When businesses think of automation, many envision straight-through processes that occur quickly and without any human intervention, or as a solution that is easy to implement and simple to maintain. Unfortunately, the reality is a bit more complicated.