3 Policy Insights Features that Simplify Policy Review

Policy Insights 2.0 is a tech-enabled solution that optimizes and analyzes the policy checking process, empowering account managers to carry out review and coordination 50% faster. Apply that saved time to revenue generating work and an agency can achieve as much as $45,000 in additional revenue per 1000 policies. 

The Need for Proactive Digital Engagement in Insurance

Today, customer expectations have overwhelmingly shifted to digital. The number of people who want all communications via paper or voice is rapidly dwindling, as the majority of the population uses messaging platforms and social media every day and are adept at all manner of mobile and online interactions.

How P&C Insurers Can Assess Their Digital Maturity

There are as many paths to digital transformation as there are insurers. Each is unique based on the product mix, distribution strategy, culture, and state of the company’s systems and data. However, Strategy Meets Action (SMA) has developed a framework for assessing digital capabilities that insurers are using successfully.

Key Insurtech Terms to Know

As carriers and other insurance organizations continue to accelerate their digital transformation efforts in 2021 and 2022, let’s take a moment to break down a few key technologies currently impacting the industry today and some that are likely to do so in the future.

Insurance Professionals Talk Productivity

Last fall, we spoke with insurance and productivity experts to hear their thoughts on what productivity means to them, what prevents insurance organizations from being productive, and their favorite tech solution for improving productivity.

Common Pitfalls in Third-Party Risk Management

As cyber risk increases, and insurance organizations depend more and more on cloud services and third parties, effective third-party risk management is more critical than ever to protecting your business’ value proposition and customer relationships.