Boost Your Quotable Business with Submission Triaging

Anuj is the Carriers Practice Leader at ReSource Pro. With consulting experience at Accenture and Aon Inpoint, plus insurance experience with AIG and Liberty Mutual, Anuj brings a depth of knowledge in the carrier space to the ReSource Pro team. He is a thought leader, contributing to insurance publications such as Carrier Management.

Don’t waste time on out-of-appetite submissions

It’s no secret that insurance is currently experiencing a hard market. According to Willis Towers Watson, rate increases across most lines of business ramped up in early 2019 and were only spurred on by the events of 2020. This year, they show little sign of stopping.

Hard markets can be particularly difficult for underwriting staff, who often face a challenge in prioritizing profitable submissions. Without a structured approach, this influx can lead to delayed quotes, loss of good quality business, staff fatigue, and reputational damage among distribution partners.

However, by developing a standardized approach to clearing and triaging submissions, carriers can ensure that underwriters devote more time toward submissions that are in-appetite, while quickly declining or rerouting those that are not.

Let’s take a look at how one insurance carrier partnered with ReSource Pro to do just that.


Amid a hardening market, a leading A.M. Best A (excellent) rated excess and surplus (E&S) lines carrier found itself facing a flurry of submissions. With no standardized approach to clearing and triaging them, the carrier struggled to keep pace and faced challenges prioritizing and quoting in-appetite business in a timely fashion.

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Realizing the importance of the matter, the carrier engaged with ReSource Pro to support its submission clearance and triage process.

As a first step in the engagement, a dedicated ReSource Pro team assumed responsibility for submission clearance, allowing the carrier to free up resources to focus on the quote-rate-bind journey. The ReSource Pro team then worked with the carrier to develop a triage process and rules to auto-decline submissions that did not meet the established criteria, including underwriter instructions, distribution channel, geography, lines of business, and industry.

Rather than “submit-to-quote,” the process transformed into “submit-to-triage” and “triage-to-quote.”


After partnering with ReSource Pro and implementing the necessary changes, the carrier soon saw submission review time drop from days to 24 hours, including clearance, declinations, and distribution to the correct underwriting team. Thanks to the new submission triage process, approximately 35% of submissions were declined or triaged to different teams. Consequently, nearly 100% of the business that underwriters did see was quotable.

By working with ReSource Pro to integrate people, process, technology, and data across their underwriting and policy servicing department, the company was able to:

  • Follow up on profitable business quickly and effectively
  • Ensure timely response to the distributors
  • Create and maintain a work environment in line with the company’s culture

With ReSource Pro as a partner, the carrier better aligned its book of business with company strategy, enabled its underwriters to become more effective, and created greater satisfaction among its broker partners.

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