Which Policy Checking Solution is Right for You?

Insurance policy checking should be hassle-free

A good policy checking solution frees up time and makes life easier for agency staff, yet in our discussions with insurance organizations, we’ve found that many simply don’t meet their expectations. Some of the most common problems we hear about include:

  • Low accuracy, leading to rework
  • Lack of real-time oversight into policy checking process
  • Backlog arising during seasonal fluctuations or acquisitions
  • No agency management system (AMS) integration
  • Lack of trained insurance experts
  • No solution for the time-consuming review process

Policy checking should reduce headaches, not create new ones. Luckily, these flaws can be avoided. ReSource Pro’s Policy Insights 2.0 brings insurance agencies and brokers an end-to-end, streamlined, policy checking solution unlike any on the market.

Benefits of Insurtech

Insurtechs bring you the power of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning. These solutions promise fast, error-free policy checking by eliminating human involvement in the process. The downside? Research has shown that the greatest results are often achieved when humans and machines work together, not alone.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Many outsourcing vendors opt for a human touch, sacrificing the speed of automation in promise of delivering higher quality policies. If the tradeoff in turnaround time is tolerable, these solutions can achieve strong results, but there’s no guarantee. Many vendors lack staff with the right level of insurance expertise to ensure the high accuracy agencies expect.

Benefits of Policy Insights

To bring agencies the next level of policy checking, we created Policy Insights 2.0, a tech-enabled solution that addresses the most common issues found in many others on the market. Combining RPA, AI and machine learning with human audit by insurance experts, Policy Insights 2.0 helps you:

  • Deliver policies faster and more accurately. 99.9% accuracy on each policy we deliver thanks to human audit, ensuring you get the speed of automation—without the tradeoff.
  • Gain insight. Most solution providers merely participate in your agency. But what if they could act as an optimization partner, helping you uncover transformative data on your policy processing at no extra cost? The Policy Insights dashboard gives you the ability to identify trends and root causes of policy errors, benchmark against others in your market, and make more informed decisions around your carrier relationships.
  • Optimize account manager time and effectiveness. Policy Insightsgives account managers the ability to track policy processing in real-time. What’s more, operations leaders can see how much rework is happening per policy.
  • Support the end-to-end post-bind process. If you need more than just a policy check, Policy Insights has you covered, with the capability to provide support across the entire post-bind policy process—from issuance to delivery.

Experience you can trust

ReSource Pro’s Policy Insights 2.0 is the only policy checking solution on the market that offers the right blend of people, process, and technology to deliver 99.9% accuracy, actionable policy processing data and insight, AMS integration, and end-to-end value chain support. Interested in learning more about what Policy Insights can do for you? Let’s talk.