Tomorrow’s Insurance: A Graphic Novel


For several years, ReSource Pro has been engaged in a dialogue with our clients about the future of insurance distribution.

The advent of devices embedded in everything from walls, wires, tires, pipes to human bodies will precipitate a revolution in how risks are measured and controlled. The roles of the insured, agent, broker and carrier will be transformed.

It’s unclear who stands to gain or lose the most in this environment. Some have predicted the demise of the agency model as tech companies and carriers go direct to consumers. Our view is different. We see opportunity.

The World Future Society Summit

Looking for a broader perspective of how social, technological and economic trends will affect our industry, I attended the World Future Society Summit last July. It was an eye-opening experience.

I learned about “Foresight,” a discipline which provides structured analytical tools for evaluating the impact of macro and micro trends on industry and business. These tools provide a systematic way to improve strategic planning, mapping the alignment of current business models to future market dynamics.

The Agency of the Future

Using these tools, we have imagined the agency of the future, incorporating digital systems, the Internet of Things, data analytics and high-touch user experiences.

We distilled our ideas into a graphic novel, available for you to download here. It is our shot at envisioning a positive and compelling role that agents and brokers can lay claim to, and dominate.

So download our novel – we hope you enjoy reading and sharing it with your colleagues.

The future is here… are you ready?