Pre-Employment Testing: How to Help Your Company

What is an assessment test?

In the last decade, the use of pre-hire assessments has increased exponentially among employers. What was once only used by large corporations is now readily available for small to mid-sized businesses across different industry segments.

Pre-employment assessments are used to gauge how an individual will perform on the job, before they’re hired. Previously, these tests would only measure broad personality traits. Today’s statistical modeling and computing power gives employers the ability to customize their assessments and cover more bases within one test.

That’s a powerful innovation that can greatly benefit the insurance industry, which is in the midst of a talent crunch. Finding the right people to replace the current retiring generation is critical to the success of an insurance organization.

How pre-hire tests improve business operations

New and improved pre-hire tests allow employers to:

  • Streamline their recruiting process
  • Find the best fit for open jobs
  • Increase productivity
  • Minimize training time and costs for new hires
  • Assess technical and communication skills among existing employees
  • Determine culture fit

Pre-hire screenings can be used to help insurance agencies measure and analyze the skills that distinguish their top performers in certain positions, such as producers. Hiring managers can then leverage this data to create accurate and meaningful job descriptions, setting the company up for quality candidates from the outset. For entry-level roles in particular, weeding out people before an in-person interview can be a huge boon to a hiring manager’s efficiency and objectivity.

Reduce Training Time, Increase Productivity

Introducing or improving pre-hire testing can increase employee engagement and success. Testing results that indicate an inclination toward a particular field help organizations design strategic and mutually beneficial career paths for their employees. Training and guidance focus on areas of interest or experience to maximize development in a way that is fulfilling for each employee.

An insurance agency, for example, can determine which factors result in a top producer for their organization. Through pre-hire testing, they can then seek to hire individuals who demonstrate proficiency in these factors. U.S. employers spent $88 billion on training and onboarding new employees in 2018; make sure you’re spending it on the right people by measuring their success.

Reduce Employee Churn

Pre-hire testing can help companies reduce their employee turnover. One of the biggest expenses for any operation is their employee onboarding, training, and turnover.

Knowing which employees will not only fit within your culture, but thrive within it, is essential to making the right hiring decisions.

Learn more ways you can speed up the hiring process and improve operations by speaking with one of our consultants on the Operations Advisory team.