KALEIDOSCOPE Podcast EP 15: Strategies for Developing Talent, Maintaining Culture, and Effectively Collaborating

In this episode of Kaleidoscope, we discuss impactful strategies for developing talent, maintaining culture amid the shift to remote work, and providing employees with the skills necessary to effectively collaborate.

Joining us are Wayne Smith and Ross Slater, Partners at Reach Capabilities. Wayne and Ross work with large employers, primarily in the insurance and financial services community based in Canada and the United States. In their work, Ross and Wayne help individuals identify their natural strengths and potential, as well as help organizations to develop highly functioning teams. Both Ross and Wayne bring high energy, deep insights, and an “edutainment” approach to their practice.

Key Takeaways:  

  • The employment landscape continues to shift across all industries, while acquiring talent remains one of the biggest challenges organizations face. Businesses are attempting to revamp the employee/employer relationship in a post-COVID world but often struggle to do so.
  • People have various preferences on how and where they can conduct their best work. It is important for employers to be mindful that everyone is wired differently. Some may benefit from working in the office with people around them, while others prefer to work out of their home office. Either way, employees want flexibility in where and when they work. Offering the option to choose ultimately results in higher productivity and stronger deliverables.
  • Building trust in a virtual business world can be tough. It can be even more difficult when group calls are solely focused on “just getting the work done.” Don’t forget to take time to get to know people on work calls. Sharing more information about yourself and exchanging personal stories helps shrink the façade and create an open-minded environment.
  • Leaders must be clear on the results they expect from their employees and give them the freedom to achieve their goals their own way. There is a big push for traditional executives to better measure success factors. On the flip side, employees cannot just be a “butt in a seat.” Rather, they need to be highly efficient with their time and continue to invest in upskilling.

This episode is hosted by Frank Pennachio and Susan Toussaint of ReSource Pro’s Growth Solutions practice. We provide insurance agencies and carriers with consulting and training services, enabling them to elevate sales conversations, compete more effectively in the marketplace, and grow organically. To learn more, visit the Growth Solutions website or reach out to Susan Toussaint.  

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