KALEIDOSCOPE Podcast EP 05: Bending the Healthcare Cost Curve

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Al Lewis is the CEO of Quizzify, a prolific writer, and graduate of Harvard Law School. He authored Why Nobody Believes the Numbers, which was named Healthcare Book of the year by Forbes. Al is a member of the Strategic Planning Committes of Board of Directors for Atrius Health and co-founder of the Validation Institute, where he helps organizations measure their own outcomes and the validity of their vendors. His personal website, www.theysaidwhat.net, exposes vendors that have fabricated their outcomes, usually in a hilarious way.

“Anybody can challenge data. My specialty is taking data that is published and showing that it in fact proved the exact opposite of what they intended it to prove. In wellness you don’t have to challenge the data to discredit it. You merely have to read the data and it will discredit itself.” – Al Lewis

Today on the Kaleidoscope Podcast:

  • Why nobody believes in numbers
  • Bending the healthcare cost curb
  • Quizzify and health illiteracy
  • Becoming a wiser consumer

Key Takeaways:

  • Surprise medical bills can be a huge financial detriment. Its important to understand and be aware of the consent forms you sign. The prevent consent, created by Al Lewis and his team, is available to be added to your apple wallet and has helped save users over 95.3% of their medical bills. Currently, the prevent consent form has a 100% success rate.
  • When we talk about consumerism, education is needed. Think about why questions are being asked, how bills are being tabulated, and what you will be responsible for. We must be wise consumers and even wiser patients.

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