KALEIDOSCOPE Podcast EP 13: How Companies Can Approach Mental Health Treatment

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In this episode of Kaleidoscope, we discuss the latest cutting-edge health care methods used by psychologists to care for injured workers experiencing mental health challenges.

Joining us is Michael Coupland, Vice President of Occupational Health at Field Trip Health. As a licensed psychologist, Michael is considered a pioneer in his field, leading the charge for the identification and utilization of non-traditional treatments.  

Prior to his time at Field Trip Health, Michael was a Principal Psychologist with Integrated Medical Case Solutions, helping injured workers and others with the evaluation and treatment of chronic pain.

Key Takeaways:  

  • People have talked for decades about the problem of delayed recovery from work-related injuries due to psychosocial drivers of lost time. Up to 25% of employees fail to recover from these injuries due to PTSD and depression.
  • PTSD presumption laws are helping to get mental health care to those who need it. Before these laws were established, it could be considered that exposure to trauma was “part of the job” for first responders or other frontline workers. Therefore, these employees had to jump through hoops to have PTSD symptoms accepted as a claim. The state of Florida is an early adopter of these presumption laws and set a precedent for others to follow.
  • Look to embrace alternative ways of treating people to protect and save lives. Continue to keep what is right for the patient as the focus, but also recognize what is right for the patient may mean leveraging tools outside of the traditional box.

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