Happy Lunar New Year!

The Great Race

Legend has it that the Jade Emperor once called upon the animal kingdom to help decide the years on the calendar by participating in a great race! The order in which the animals crossed the finish line would decide their place on what would now be known as the Chinese Lunar Calendar. This Great Race required the animals to cross a river the finish line being the Jade Emperor’s castle. All the animals had different ways of crossing the river ranging from sneaky (the rat climbed onto the ox and jumped off him to finish the race first), collaborative (the sheep, monkey and rooster shared a raft together to get to the end of the river), or selfless (the dragon needed to go save a village which was why he was not the fastest even though he was the only one that could fly).

2014: The Year of the Horse

This Chinese New Year, January 31st, marks the beginning of the Year of the Horse in Chinese Zodiac. What does that mean for you?

The horse can be an act now and think later animal, so during this year be sure to not be overly impulsive, avoid overspending and denying things that might be a clear problem. While you might feel the need to reward yourself, be sure these purchases do not put a dent on your long-term plan.

The year of the horse is an excellent year for travel! Explore new places, interact with the people, discover new foods and enjoy new experiences.

This year, the element is fire which symbolizes wealth. It will be a prosperous time during the first half of the year but expected to go back to normal during the second half. Seems like a good time to invest!

We wish you best of luck and good fortune! Happy New Year!