Achieving a Faster, More Efficient Insurance Customer Experience

Frank Phillips is the head of ReSource Pro’s Insurance Experience (IX) Center.

Customer service challenges test agility of PAs, MGAs, wholesalers

Between service level agreements (SLAs) set by insurance carriers and rising customer expectations, the pressure to deliver an exceptional customer experience is on. Up to 32% of customers are prepared to walk away from a brand in the event of a poor experience, according to PwC. Yet program administrators (PAs), wholesale brokers, and managing general agencies (MGAs) face a host of challenges in delivering high levels of service, particularly in finding, training, and retaining top talent.

Insurance customers’ digital adoption grew by 20% globally in 2020.

In addition, COVID-19 has accelerated the need for digital service. Insurance customers’ digital adoption grew by 20% globally in 2020, according to Bain. Organizations that lag behind are likely to see a hit to their bottom line.

Find out how a national insurance PA and a digital MGA overcame these obstacles and transformed the customer experience with the help of ReSource Pro’s IX Center.


Like many insurance organizations, one national PA was looking for new ways to enhance customer service and engagement. To identify key areas for transformation, the team conducted client interviews and mapped out the broker customer journey.

First, the PA invested in a new CRM and more sophisticated phone system. Additionally, the company implemented ReSource Pro’s CustomIX solution. Serving as an extension of the PA, the CustomIX team provided customers with support across the policy lifecycle and maintained a live web chat feature.


By partnering with ReSource Pro, the PA was able to provide its customers with faster, more engaging service. And thanks to the web chat feature introduced and managed by the CustomIX team, the PA closed the digital gap in its customer experience. In addition to improving the company’s response time, CustomIX also allowed the PA to extend its service hours and address customer needs around the clock by leveraging ReSource Pro’s integrated onshore and offshore service.

The PA was able to achieve:

  • 25% decrease in call abandonment rate
  • Significant improvement in response speed, from 45 seconds to 13 seconds
  • Business continuity during a phone outage


An MGA was facing issues with frequent turnover, which started to impact its ability to deliver exceptional service and consistently meet SLAs.

To solve the issue, the MGA first attempted a split service model between itself and the carrier, but this arrangement led to duplicated efforts and increased costs to the clients.

The MGA worked with ReSource Pro to implement a CustomIX solution that would allow it to quickly scale its customer service capabilities and overcome these difficulties.


The well-trained and stable staff of CustomIX now handles nearly 90% of the MGA’s customer service, amounting to thousands of calls and hundreds of emails per month. Not only has this enabled the MGA to eliminate its staffing challenges, but it is now achieving its SLAs at a significantly higher rate than before. In addition, the company has reported an overall increase in its net promoter score (NPS).

Why choose CustomIX?

With CustomIX, our award-winning, onshore IX Center provides your customers with white-labeled, seamless service. All IX Center staff are insurance professionals who receive multidisciplinary training in areas such as contact center excellence, process optimization, and insurance policy management, ensuring your clients receive the highest levels of service.

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