3 Policy Insights Features that Simplify Policy Review

Zach serves as a Senior Product Manager for ReSource Pro’s Innovation & Product Development team where he manages the product life cycle for Policy Insights, helps develop and incubate new ideas, and oversees the development of new features and products.  

Insurance policy review made easy 

In our experience working with insurance agency account managers, many say the most frustrating part about policy checking is the review process. It’s no surprise, between having to deal with cluttered spreadsheets and the difficulties of coordinating downstream work—often through screenshots and email. Let’s not forget the added pressure of reputational damage and loss of client trust that could arise if a review is delayed, or worse, results in an E&O claim. 

Many policy checking solutions on the market don’t have a strong answer to the challenges of policy review, and that’s where Policy Insights 2.0 comes in. Policy Insights 2.0 is a tech-enabled solution that optimizes and analyzes the policy checking process, empowering account managers to carry out review and coordination 50% faster. Apply that saved time to revenue generating work and an agency can achieve as much as $45,000 in additional revenue per 1000 policies. 

The key is our Account Manager Portal (AMP)—an online tool that streamlines and simplifies the policy review process. Below are three great features account managers can leverage within the portal: 

1. Centralized policy checking information 

No more digging through emails or the agency management system (AMS) to keep track of policy data. The AMP aggregates all policies that go through Policy Insights, giving account managers a real-time view into which policies have been checked, reviewed, or are still in progress that can easily be searched and filtered. 

2. Intuitive UI for fast and easy review 

Say goodbye to long spreadsheets and unnecessary information. When reviewing policies through the AMP, account managers can instantly home in on the discrepancies they need to address and make discrepancy elections—like requesting an endorsement or an update to the AMS—with the click of a button. 

3. Effortless coordination of downstream workflows 

Eliminate the tedium of downstream coordination. During a review, account managers can choose whether to assign the work internally or to ReSource Pro. Upon submission, the AMP automatically delivers emails to all key stakeholders, providing a fast and seamless handoff to processors. 

Get more out of the post-bind process 

When you need a policy checking solution, why stop there? Do more with Policy Insights: 

  • Reduce earnings drain for rework and up-front endorsements 
  • Gain operational analytics to reduce E&O risk and increase efficiency 
  • Create deeper carrier relationships 
  • Enhance the insured experience 

Ready to turn your agency’s post-bind process into a strategic advantage? Contact us to learn more.