July 12, 2016

For several years, ReSource Pro has been engaged in a dialogue with our clients about the future of insurance distribution. The advent of devices embedded in everything from walls, wires, tires, pipes to human bodies will precipitate a revolution in how risks are measured and controlled. The roles of the insured, agent, broker and carrier will be transformed. It’s […]

May 10, 2016

Organizations of all sizes and across all industry sectors have been steadily embracing project management as a way to control and improve project results. The reason is simple: Adhering to project management methods and strategies reduces risks, cuts costs and improves project success rates. Project management, when implemented properly, helps to anticipate and mitigate or […]

May 3, 2016

There is tremendous opportunity for greater profitability for agencies that implement best practices in their organizations. In fact, the top 25% of agencies with revenues of $5 million-$10 million that have created smart operations are 30-50% more productive than the average agency, with a spread per employee of $85,940 vs. $64,752. If you have 50 employees, […]

April 28, 2016

While making a change in an organization is difficult enough, sustaining it can be even harder, which is why it’s imperative to have reinforcements, the last component in the ADKAR model for successful change management. The focus on reinforcement should be strong so that desired results are delivered. How do you build reinforcement? There are […]

April 12, 2016

We’ve discussed the importance of awareness and building desire in the change management process in previous posts. Now it’s time to equip your employees with the knowledge and ability they need to make change happen. From a change management perspective based on the ADKAR model, there are two types of knowledge an employee needs in […]

March 24, 2016

  Putting fun in the workplace means making it a happy place to be! A happy worker is a productive worker. In fact, unhappy American workers cost $300 billion dollars each year in lost productivity! By creating a fun, happy work environment, organizations can boost productivity and reap many other benefits including:   Increased productivity. Without a […]

March 15, 2016

Segmentation is important for insurance organizations. The goal is to balance the service you provide with profitability. By examining your current service model, existing customers and revenue by account, you can identify your most and least profitable customers, then by segmenting your service model you can create that balance. A segmented service model allows you […]

March 8, 2016

In a previous article, we talked about the change management process and how the first step in getting employees in an organization to embrace change involves making them aware of it. Read the article here. The next phase in the process is inspiring the desire among employees to support and participate in that change. Making the transition […]

March 3, 2016

In developing your agency’s long-term strategies, critical to achieving success is the ability to accommodate and effect change along the way. Unfortunately, most of us resist or avoid change and have a hard time making the switch. This is where change management practices in an agency is vital – practices that allow for constructing the […]

February 26, 2016

“Regard every personal interaction as important. Each conversation has the potential for positive or negative impact.” -General Stanley A. McChrystal Every leader is looking for ways to drive productivity.   Technology and process are often the first avenues of interest when improving productivity.  But these methods can be costly, and time consuming.  One major (and often […]

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