Maximize Account Revenues While Protecting Your Clients’ Business

Capture a Greater Share of Your Client’s Insurance Spend

Your clients are at risk when their insurance programs are divided among several agencies.


Learn how to protect and grow your client’s share of wallet with effective cross-selling initiatives

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Demonstrate to prospects the risk of engaging with multiple insurance agencies

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Leverage your service teams to champion and grow client relationships

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"I feel I am finally looked at as a trusted advisor, not just an insurance salesman."

- Jason Webb, President, Minnesota Risk Partners

Position risk management as an ongoing event for clients

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Why Agents Lose Clients

Some agents believe signing on a client is the start of strong, long-term relationship, but buyers are not always happy.

Strategies to Cure Producer Underperformance

Those that set expectations, create accountability, and provide effective training can face the issue with confidence.

Creating Positive Experiences for Prospects

Team selling can help broaden the scope of your engagements, increase revenue per deal, and better serve your clients.