What We Learned in 2020

Looking Back on a Year of Challenges and Resilience

In the face of 2020’s many challenges, the insurance industry found new ways to adapt, learn, and grow. Starting this unusual year off, ReSource Pro had to transition its China team to work-from-home in January, and our India and U.S. teams followed in March. All travel to meet with our clients was cancelled and Zoom became the de facto meeting room.

Amid all this change, we found new ways of making the most of this situation, including hosting about 200 wellness sessions for employees and onboarding 174 new team members 100% remotely.

In celebration of our achievements in 2020, we shared our annual Year in Review. Now, in continuing our retrospective of a truly one-of-a-kind year, we asked ReSource Pro employees to share some of their top lessons learned about pivoting in a changing landscape. Here’s how they responded.

In 2020, I Learned That…

“A strong and loving culture is powerful in getting through crises.”

– Chris Watkins, SVP of Global Technology

I really miss the face-to-face interactions with our clients.”

– Willie Lindsey, Client Executive

Insurance agency staff is just as productive at home as they were in the office.

– Donna Rose, Senior Sales Executive

It’s really important to feed your dogs before a conference call, otherwise they jump up on your lap!

– Susan Toussaint, Practice Leader at Oceanus Partners

You can fit a lot of video conferences in a single workday.

– Patrick Armstrong, EVP of Business Development

Our industry is remarkably resilient to black swan events.

– Anuj Jain, VP of Carrier Practice

What lessons from 2020 will you take into 2021? Let’s talk about your most ambitious growth objectives and how we can help you realize them.