Digital Producers Move into the Future

Last week our very own Andy Niver, Director of Products & Business Development, conducted a webinar around using technology to improve the submission process.

Submissions processes can often touch 4 to 5 different people and take days to complete. Incomplete submissions require following up with the client to collect missing information. Following up for information can be a very expensive step in the process (How much does missing information cost you?).

ReSource Pro’s App Pro is an easy to use iPad or tablet application. Users enter data into ReSource Pro’s standardized forms or can create their own. Enter information with the built in keyboards or hand write the information with a stylus or finger tip. App Pro recognizes your handwriting strokes and converts it into neat text. Easily select dates, check boxes and radio buttons.

App Pro reminds you about mandatory fields and creates calculation to eliminate human error. Built in validation rules, preventing users from moving forward without critical information, eliminate the endless cycle of following up for information. Submitted forms can be sent directly to your service team in a .pdf or Excel file form.

Click here to watch the webinar and learn more! Contact us if you have any questions about App Pro.