ReSource Pro Wins Three Stevie Awards for Customer Service

Case study in delivering service to a carrier during the crisis wins 3 Stevie Awards

The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service is an international recognition for companies that provide exceptional customer experiences, even in turbulent times. ReSource Pro is honored to be among the 2021 winners for helping our clients navigate the pandemic with minimal business interruptions. We’ve been awarded with:

Gold – Back-Office Customer Service Team of the Year – Financial Services Industries

Bronze – Most Valuable COVID-19 Response by a Business Development Team

Bronze – Customer Service Department of the Year – Financial Services – 100 or More Employees

Our support proved particularly critical to one of the largest commercial insurers in the U.S. Keep reading to learn how.

Case study – Commercial Insurer

In late March, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi imposed a nationwide lockdown to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The country’s services activity collapsed, with the IHS Markit India Services Business Activity Index dropping from 49.3 to 5.4. Many U.S. insurance companies depend on partners in India, and the dip in service levels was devastating for many.

With the sudden shutdown, the carrier’s service provider was not able to successfully transition to a work-from-home environment. To bridge this gap in the workforce, the carrier asked its U.S.-based employees to pitch in while the search began for a provider that could scale quickly and effectively.

The carrier turned to ReSource Pro due to its proven stability during the pandemic. COVID-19 related shutdowns first impacted ReSource Pro’s China-based teams, which bounced back to full capacity within two weeks. The lessons learned from this early experience shaped business continuity plans for the India teams when they, too, had to begin remote work.

ReSource Pro worked rapidly to establish the IT infrastructure and onboard 100 team members across India and China trained in the insurance workflows the carrier needed, including endorsements processing and new business tasks.


Impact – In midst of crisis, carrier improves accuracy to 99%

An early indicator of success, the ReSource Pro onboarding was twice as fast as the previous vendor. Additionally, within a few days of the partnership, quality levels rose from below 90% to 99%.

For endorsement processing in particular, this boost in accuracy removed the potential for rework costs and E&O issues. By processing endorsements quickly and accurately, ReSource Pro turned a service disruption into an opportunity to improve service.

The Operations Director of New Business Service Delivery expressed her gratitude in an email calling ReSource Pro a “dream team.”

Most importantly, the carrier achieved stability amidst the storm. With a trusted partner, the carrier could keep its U.S. employees focused on customers during a time of major business interruption.

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