Podcast Recap: Mark Breading on Strategy, Distribution, and Data

In Agency Freedom’s podcast, James Jenkins interviews Mark Breading, Consulting Partner at ReSource Pro, to discuss his views on distribution trends, technology disruption, and data. Here are some highlights from the conversation:

  • ‘There’s a revolution going on in distribution.” Mark sees distribution trends in the industry shifting towards a more digital and direct-to-consumer model but believes that agencies and independent agents can still play a strong role as trusted advisors as long as they expand their tech capabilities.
  • “I see the industry as being on a journey.” Mark believes that the industry can improve its use of data and relationships with stakeholders to improve the customer experience, accelerate growth, and drive innovation.
  • “We should have a way for individuals or businesses to have authority over their own data, but we are a far piece from that.”  Right now, companies in the insurance industry buy back their own data every day.
  • A top 50 influencer in the Insurtech space, Mark believes there is going to be a continued evolution of distribution platforms and discusses specific companies in the podcast.
  • ReSource Pro’s ability to work with a variety of entities, including retail agencies, MGAs, wholesalers, carriers, and program administrators, is what sets them apart. They provide core business process management to help clients develop strategy and execute plans, as well as maintain long-term relationships with different stakeholders.
  • Mark has had the privilege of working with insurance entities all over the world, helping them with strategy, technology, and capabilities to stay competitive and grow.
  • ReSource Pro offers both advisory and project-based consulting services.

Overall, Mark’s insights provide valuable perspective on the current state and future direction of the insurance industry, as well as ReSource Pro’s unique approach. Listen to Episode 102 here.