Out of the Way Millennials, Make Way for Generation Z

ReSourceful Thinking has covered a lot of ground when it comes to Millennials but now it’s time to look at Generation Z – tweens and those barely out of high school who make up the next group of employable, marketable individuals.

How do Gen Zers differ from Millennials? In the New York Times article, “Move Over, Millennials, Here Comes Generation Z”, there are several distinctive differences:

  • Millennials became disillusioned following 9/11 and the economic crashes of 2000 and 2008. Gen Zers have their eyes wide open and are well aware of the fragility of the world, mindful of the future, and have a clear understanding that hard work is necessary to get ahead.
  • Generation Z is even much more wired and dependent on technology than Millennials. Gen Zers have been the first to grow up with an iPhone in hand and social media platforms at their fingertips. Remember that video that went viral of a 10-month-old baby swiping an iPad? When she was given a printed magazine to look at, she wouldn’t turn the pages but instead kept trying to hit a key or swipe a page.
  • Gen Z’s savvy-ness also makes them better multi-taskers than Millennials.
  • Gen Z is more personally brand-conscious than Gen Y and has learned the lesson of their counterparts when it comes to privacy. They are less likely to post incriminating photos on Facebook – or even use Facebook.
  • Gen Z is more inclusive and tolerant, and embraces cultural diversity.
  • Raised by Gen Xers, Generation Zers feel more secure and safe than Millennials. Security is also ingrained in Gen Z due to their awareness of tough economic times and global issues.