John Spencer on Starting an Insurance Career after the Navy

After serving 31 years in the Navy, Rear Admiral John Spencer chose not to retire but instead embarked on a second career in the insurance industry.

Having led 5,000 personnel in maintaining nuclear submarines, Spencer now holds the position of senior director of U.S. operations at ReSource Pro. He was drawn to the insurance business due to its significant impact on individuals and businesses during challenging times, much like the mission he experienced in the Navy.

Spencer’s transition from the military to insurance was facilitated by his background and skills in managing people and fostering collaboration. He emphasized that effective leadership involves providing clear directions, setting measurable goals, and creating a sense of purpose for employees. Drawing parallels between the military and insurance management styles, he stressed the importance of being a good listener and incorporating feedback from all levels of the organization. Spencer’s Navy experience also highlighted the value of ongoing education and training, which he aims to apply to his role at ReSource Pro.

Spencer’s goal at ReSource Pro is to drive organizational innovation and growth by standardizing structures and integration systems across the company’s global enterprise. His extensive military career, including roles such as submarine squadron commander and executive officer to the commander of U.S. Strategic Command, equipped him with leadership and strategic skills that he now leverages in his insurance industry position.

This blog post is a summary of an article originally published by Carrier Management.