4 Reasons Your Agency Needs an Intern

Summer is fast approaching Most students will be looking for ways to boost their resumes and get experience with a summer internship. If you haven’t already, your insurance agency may want to hire an intern or even start an internship program.

In the short term, interns are a great way to fill in the gaps when  staff take vacation or when there is an unexpected surge in workload. Perhaps you have to move a book of business to another carrier. Or  are looking to undertake some marketing campaigns in the fall that need some research into your current database. In the long term, interns can fill talent gaps and help your agency grow.

Here are three reasons your agency needs an intern.

  1. An internship is basically a low-risk probationary period for both parties. As individuals retire in your agency or you expand into other niche markets or territories, you need new blood for sales and marketing. You can train an intern at a lower rate (perhaps even for free) and determine whether there is potential for a long-term, permanent relationship. You’ll also see if there is a cultural fit with an intern without having to invest a lot of time and money in hiring and training.
  2. Managers will get valuable training in the art of managing millennials. Many companies have four generations of employees working together: World War II, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials. Millennials are different than their predecessors and want different things. Working with an intern will give you an opportunity to learn how to navigate the various generations in your agency. Additionally, managers who know what motivates em­ployees of different generations are more effective in keeping them engaged.
  3. Get a fresh perspective. College students have a lot to offer and will approach things differently from the same old same old. This can be instrumental in targeting younger clients with insurance products, implementing new technology solutions or expanding your agency’s social media presence.
  4. Senior team members will get valuable experience managing other people. The beauty of an internship program is that it helps you develop your own people. You can give a-players on your team the opportunity to manage an intern to see how they do in an elevated role. They will need to learn to delegate work, problem solve and give coach someone else when the opportunity arises. The added responsibility will boost their confidence and help prepare them for an elevated role within your own company.

Bringing in interns is a win-win for both the intern and your agency. They gain invaluable work experience and you have a pool of talent for future job positions.