4 Ways to Increase Contribution per Employee

Look at the wasted time taking place among your employees. our CEO Dan Epstein calls this “Zombie time.” It includes but is not limited to: workflow interruptions, redundant activities, over-qualified processing, and over-production on accounts.Differentiate good, healthy hours that deliver value to clients from the wasted time within an organization to optimize your environment and create more productive hours in a day. You can accomplish this through:

  1. Standardization of ad-hoc processes
  2. Segmentation of accounts for different service levels based on account value
  3. Streamline workflow and eliminate redundancies
  4. Source the right work to the right person in the organization

Set a new production target and timeframe to achieve your goals, calculate the contribution per employee and establish a new contribution target, incent the team to reach the new target, and calculate the impact on the agency’s profitability. Improving productivity, says Dan, is the fastest, most sustainable, least expensive and least risky way to increase company value.

You can find out where your agency currently stands with our free employee contribution calculator.