Fatima Dean on the Evolution of Underwriting

Fatima Dean, Director of Client Development, wrote for Insurance Journal about how technology is impacting underwriting and how underwriters can adapt.

aditional roles are evolving as companies hire technologically skilled professionals and automation takes center stage. Thanks to AI’s ability to automate tasks like sorting through applications to identify eligible risks, underwriters are now focusing on understanding those risks, tailoring pricing, and ensuring adequate coverage.

Veteran underwriters must adapt by staying informed about emerging technologies and understanding how data and technology can enhance decision-making. Instead of mastering every tool, they should focus on integrating technology effectively into their roles.

Looking ahead, underwriters must recognize the vital role of technology in processing and utilizing data for risk assessment. This shift may challenge experienced underwriters but is crucial in today’s landscape, where technology is integral to success. Adaptability and a data-centric approach are key for underwriters to thrive in this changing environment.

This blog post is a summary of an article originally published by Insurance Journal.