Don’t Let Zero Report Compliance Turn Into An ‘Uh, Oh’ Moment

Is Your Agency on Top of Reporting Deadlines?

Insurance agencies with surplus lines licenses have some special compliance requirements that those handling only admitted insurance do not. One of these requirements is the periodic filing of “zero reports” to state regulators. A zero report is a statement documenting that no surplus lines business was transacted in that state during the given reporting period.

Here’s where zero report filing gets tricky. States differ on their specific filing requirements. Some require monthly reporting, while others ask for zero reports on a quarterly, semiannual, or annual basis. Other states may not require zero reports at all. With differing regulations, it can be easy for agencies to overlook—and miss—reporting deadlines.

One helpful commonality exists, however: zero reports typically can be filed on the same forms as premium tax reports, with the same filing deadlines. So, for example, if your agency files surplus lines premium tax reports on a monthly basis in a particular state, it can use the same form if a zero report is required for that same jurisdiction.

ReSource Pro can make zero reporting easier and ensure your business meets its compliance requirements. ILSA, a ReSource Pro company, offers compliance reviews, surplus lines compliance solutions, and full-service licensing in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. territories.

ReSource Pro’s Surplus Lines Expertise

ILSA has an experienced team that knows insurance licensing and compliance inside and out. When it comes to surplus lines, we go far beyond licensing for agencies working in the non-admitted market. We help agencies enroll in state Surplus Lines Associations and verify that each state receives policy information in the correct format and in a timely manner. We also prepare and submit premium tax and zero report filings on clients’ behalf.  Finally, we offer corporate compliance services, such as business registration and corporate returns for states that require such filings from foreign entities.

ILSA and ReSource Pro are committed to helping insurance agencies succeed by managing compliance so agencies can focus on serving their customers.

To learn more about how ILSA and ReSource Pro can help your agency with compliance, visit the ILSA website