Defining Insurance Wins

Dan Epstein, ReSource Pro’s CEO, recently penned an article for Leader’s Edge magazine entitled, “What are Wins?”  In this article Dan discusses how insurance organizations can use numbers to gain insight into their business and
build a successful strategy using data. According to the article, numbers help you better understand your business by determining which activities matter most.

The activities that matter most are those that lead to runs and wins. Dan illustrates this concept with an example. Billy Beane manager of the Oakland A’s has been successfully managing his team by the numbers for years. Beane believes in order to win baseball games you have to score runs, in order to score runs you have to get on base. Beane  started paying attention to a critical number, the on base percentage to achieve his objective of runs. Insurance organizations can do what Billy did by first determining what a win is, what a run is and what the critical numbers are to track them.

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