Operations Boot Camp

Operations Boot Camp ’18 Wrap-up

April 17, 2018 / by ReSource Pro Editorial Team

This year marked the largest turnout for our 6th Annual Operations Boot Camp hosted in sunny Orlando, Florida. Over 200 people attended 24 sessions, where they learned that there are valuable lessons that can be applied from outside the insurance world; whether that be in tech, fashion, neuroscience or frozen yogurt.

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How to Build a Change-capable Organization

April 3, 2014 / by ReSource Pro Editorial Team

At the 2014 Operations Boot Camp, Beth Montag-Schmaltz, founding partner of PeopleFirm delivered a fantastic presentation on Change Management. Change Readiness is essential to building nimble organizations capable of responding to market shifts and customer needs. Beth recently penned this blog: Embedding the Seeds of Change: how to build a change-capable organization. This article contains…

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