Insurance Experience Center

A Renaissance for the Humble Bot

November 30, 2017 / by Christopher Frankland

With the technology in place to support chatbots (AI, machine learning and automation) evolving at a frenetic pace, the chatbot is rising from the ashes with a newly defined purpose.

Here at the Innovation Technology Lab at ReSource Pro’s Insurance Experience Center, we are constantly pushing ourselves to rethink the Insured Experience through the digital lens.

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Can We Change?

March 2, 2017 / by Judy Sigel

In the insurance industry, we have often been slow to make changes; but today, the need has never been greater.  In an environment moving toward interconnected technologies, artificial intelligence, drones, changing workplace dynamics and industry profit pressures, legacy processes, procedures and methodologies no longer serve the needs insureds.  Companies like Lemonade Insurance Company have turned…

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The F Word in Client Relationships

July 24, 2013 / by ReSource Pro Editorial Team

Tom Cates, President of Brookeside, captivating story teller, and client relationship guru facilitated ReSource Pro’s most recent IAC meeting. Tom’s insights were focused on one goal: upgrading client relationships from “fine” to trusted advisor. According to Tom you don’t want your client relationships to be described with this four letter word! Fine relationships are basic,…

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