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Data and Analytics Key to Harnessing New Capital

Aug 18, 2016 / Best's Review

Money from private equity and hedge funds continues to enter the program sector squeezing rates but rasing the value of organizations that best harness data.

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Talent Engagement: Controlling Turnover, Building Employee Satisfaction and Managing Change

Jul 14, 2016 / Insurance Business America

Talent engagement is more than “keeping people happy”—it is a set of managerial and leadership activities critical for building and maintaining a strong team while keeping talent costs reasonable.

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4 Ways to Harness Talent Management for Profitability

Jul 6, 2016 / Insurance Business America

BLOG : 4 ways to harness talent management for profitability In the age of automation and machine learning, insurance leaders should not overlook the most important element to long-term success: their people. No matter the technology or processes you implement, you still need talent to execute and make decisions.That’s where talent excellence comes in.

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Is Your Agency Refocusing to be Responsive to the Insurance Industry of Tomorrow?

Feb 24, 2016 / Property Casualty 360

The insurance industry as we know it will look a lot different in the future- at least that’s what many new and not-so-new entrants are hoping for as they revolutionize the sector. From the leveraging of big data by aggregators and tech companies, to peer-to-peer property/casualty insurer Lemonade and how insurance policies are being sold and purchased, to the road to autonomous cars and the impact it will have on auto insurance, these and other changes are making the business-as-usual approach obsolete.

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Four Ways to Satisfy (and Retain) Millennial Employees

Oct 8, 2015 / Forbes

There are millions of fresh college grads burning the midnight oil in the workplace, giving 110% of their energy and effort to their employers…yet most of them are barely bringing home enough income to survive. Why do so many companies let their new talent burn themselves out? Why don’t they provide adequate compensation – at least enough for them to pay their rent and their student loans in the same month?

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Searching for Millennials With Collaborative, Pioneer Spirit

Sep 27, 2015 / Lincoln Journal Star

Look for the green T-shirts that say “Hello, Lincoln.” That’s how you’ll know you’ve found ReSource Pro. The Manhattan-based company is opening a new customer care center in downtown Lincoln and will have it up and running within the next 60 days.

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Changing the Millennial Mindset

Mar 1, 2015 / Property Casualty 360

It’s a stark statistic: Nearly one-half of the professionals in the insurance industry today are 45 years or older—and one-quarter of the industry will retire by 2018. To address this trend, the industry can recruit and hire millennials, those born after 1980 and the largest-growing demographic in the U.S.

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ReSource Pro Gains Ground

Feb 2, 2015 / Carrier Management

ReSource Pro CEO Dan Epstein believes that property/casualty insurers are ripe for the outsourcing in which his company specializes: business process outsourcing.

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