Opportunities Abound for Agents in E&S Market

The excess and surplus lines insurance market has long been a source of solutions for companies with emerging and difficult-to-place risks. The steady growth in E&S premium volume over the past two decades have made non-admitted business attractive for agencies and brokerage firms.

AI and the Insurance Industry: Concerns and Best Practices

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype and promise of new technologies. But as insurance professionals, we must remember that AI is one tool of many at our disposal. We need to combine our understanding of its benefits with a healthy respect for the potential for damage if it is misused.

What Economic Trends Are Impacting Surplus Lines?

Macroeconomic conditions are challenging for insurance companies in general, but they offer some opportunities for surplus lines companies. With inflation at a 40-year high, insurance rates are likely to remain high, driving more risks to the surplus lines market.

The Cost of Non-Compliance

Most insurance professionals understand that failing to meet their compliance obligations can result in censure by regulation authorities. Often, however, they underestimate the real harm such penalties can do

M&A Keeps the Non-admitted Market Growing

Mergers and acquisitions have reached record heights for brokers in recent years. At the same time, rate increases and tightening in the admitted insurance market are causing more business to flow into excess and surplus (E&S) lines.

Resident State Change: Compliance Tips

One of the great things about a career in our industry is the ability to pursue it anywhere, especially these days with more companies adopting remote-working strategies. Simply notify state regulators of a new home or business address within the mandated time frame. If a move takes a licensee across state lines, however, the process becomes more complicated.

Organic Growth and M&A: Finding a New Balance

Most insurance businesses grow through a mixture of organic growth and acquisitions or mergers. Each approach has its advantages and challenges. Finding the right balance between these strategies is critical to optimizing growth and maintaining regulatory compliance, especially these days.

Limited Lines: Unlimited Possibilities

With over fifty different limited lines of authority on offer in various states, it would seem to be the most unlimited type of insurance. It’s actually very simple; limited lines allow licensees to sell only more narrowly defined insurance products.

Producer Lift-Out: Its Impact on Compliance

With valuations continuing to rise, insurance businesses looking to expand through mergers and acquisitions are increasingly turning to a different strategy: the producer lift-out. By hiring away top talent, a competitor can realize a far greater ROI than they can with conventional M&A activity. A