Four Ways to Keep Staff Motivated During Renewals Season

Many Insurance Organizations are entering a busy season in one or more departments, especially employee benefits. Peak seasons can be a challenging time to get the work done while keeping staff morale up. Read on for four tips on how to keep your workforce happy and driven during stressful time of year.

  1. Start a friendly competition to encourage your employees to work harder.You can experiment with different competitions – daily versus weekly, or individual versus teams. One company offers an additional Friday off over the three- to four-month period to be taken once the benefits season is over for the employee who is the quickest to complete benefits update forms. You can also offer a free lunch or dinner for the employee who wins each week. Or, reward them with a small gift such as two tickets to a movie, a gift certificate to a store, or even highly coveted tickets to a sports game.
  2. Make sure to acknowledge hard work. Send weekly email updates telling your employees that their hard work is paying off.
  3. Support your team. Before the busy season even hits, you may want to offer training on time management and prioritization. Also, make sure employees know they can approach you if they’re struggling with their workload.
  4. Consider using temporary staffing during the peak season to fill the requirements needed to continue functioning at full capacity. This will also serve to complement your full-time workers’ schedules, as temporary employees typically have more flexible hours. They can work late at night or even during the weekends to get the work done. Additionally, your full-timers will feel less stressed and appreciate your taking note of the amount of work that needs to be done while you continue to be responsive to your clients’ needs.