Susan Toussaint

KALEIDOSCOPE Podcast: Bert Randall

In this episode of Kaleidoscope, we discuss the legalization of marijuana in the workplace, the impact and challenges it can create, and most importantly, how employers can navigate the risk.

How To Get the Most Out of Your Distribution Force

Many insurance buyers perceive insurance as a product and service with price as the primary differentiator. When agents follow their buyer’s lead and ask their insurance company partners for the lowest price, insurance companies don’t get the opportunity to compete on their capabilities to reduce risks and improve outcomes.

Carriers and the Decline in Insurance Agent Education

Education for insurance agents has turned into a race toward the bottom. It’s time for conversations between carriers and agents to evolve beyond the usual niceties and routines and into strategic discussions about their respective roles now and in the future.

KALEIDOSCOPE Podcast: Dill Battle

In KALEIDOSCOPE Episode 9, we meet with Dill Battle, a member attorney at Spilman Thomas & Battle, PLLC. Join us as we discuss client relationships in the age of COVID, remote medicine, and more.

KALEIDOSCOPE Podcast: Mitch Loewen

We met with Mitch Loewen, Director of Insurance for The Builders Group, the #1 self-insured workers’ compensation fund in Minnesota, exclusive to the construction trades. Listen to hear his thoughts on distribution in the independent agency system and more.

KALEIDOSCOPE Podcast: Al Lewis

KALEIDOSCOPE Episode 5 is now live. In this episode, Al Lewis, CEO of Quizzify, a prolific writer, and a graduate of Harvard Law School, joins co-hosts Susan Toussaint and Frank Pennachio to discuss the feat of challenging data, the financial burden of surprise medical bills, and being a wise consumer.